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Dec. 11th, 2014


Day 72, Sound Off!

LiveJournal is being a pain, flicking from my Friends Page to just my Journal.  It was a trial to find Novel-in-90 again.  Anyone else getting this?

I've added 2,897 words today so far.  I mght do some more or delete all the notes and attempts at replotting later.  However, I've 'finished' (using that word as loosely as a loose thing) the second book in the trilogy.  Woo hoo.

(Rats, in looking for a snippet, I added words.)


    Maud leapt forward: “Brant - no!”
    “I was only looking,” he said, his hand snatched back guiltily.
    “That box is... not for you.”

Dec. 10th, 2014


Day 71, Sound Off!

I'm rewriting, but even so I added some 2,338 words, which is huge.  I have been managing the 750 for the past few days.  The thing has become a trilogy, so I'm working on Book Two's ending.  'They just go here' isn't really a good enough climax for a book.  Fine for chapter 43 to 44, I suppose.

LiveJournal keeps going to my journal when I'm on my Friends page.

Anyway, how's your writing going?

    Thalia pushed her away, her hand going to her sword, the razor sharp edge glinting.

Dec. 3rd, 2014


Day 64, Sound Off!

I've changed direction and stared rewriting, the target being 8 chapters a day.  That sounds loads, but they are wee chapters.  I should finish this rewrite by the end of term, hopefully, and I'm ahead having done 8 chapters already.

I had finished a great deal before startign Novel-in-90, so of course I'm ahead.

What do people think: should I chop this fantasy epic of 122,000 words into a trilogy or not?  There are three sections of 40,000 or so at very appropriate break points - quite by chance.

Dec. 2nd, 2014


Day 63, Sound Off!

I've written minus 3,575 words!

ActuallyI got to the end, phew, and so cut-and-pasted my notes from the file to a new document, hence, the drop in word count.  In fact, it's a net gain of 701, but more importantly 'The End'.  It's not finished, but I'm wondering how much more to fiddle with before putting it aside for a while.  And what to do in the meantime?


     Tilda heard it in her mind, an exultation with the flavour of triumph.

Dec. 1st, 2014


Day 61, sound off!

Thirty days hath November just gone, and thirty one for October, so this December the 1st is Day 61, isn't it?

Just written 1,233 words, so far today.  I shall more than likely have another bash later.  I am finally out of the darkness, literally.  I think this is one time I can use the word, because 'in literature' my characters are out of the dark tunnels they seem to have been stuck in forever. Light at the end of the tunnel would be the lanterns set in the cave wall.  That's not a metaphor, just the actual described lanterns in the next chapter.  Phew all round really.

     She pushed, pulled, grabbed at the water and flung it backwards and the surface hit her in the face like a smack. After the almost endless darkness, the light of the dim lanterns was blinding.

Nov. 27th, 2014


Day 58, Sound Off!

It feels like it's just me, battling against the odds, the mighty, much-muscled hero wielding his wireless keyboard.

On Tuesday, the gap between my 'Here' and 'There' markers was around 30 pages, yesterday about 20 and now just over ten.  Of couse, during my post-lunch stroll I thought up a major theme that needs incorporating, but that'll be for draft two.  But first I must rescue my heroines trapped in a labyrinth, much like her author, as she tries to get from 'Here', about to be killed by nasties, to 'There', the bit were she escapes into the fire of another danger, but luckly in a secion I've finished. A thousand words I have added as a thread through this maze.  Another day lost in these twists and turns, I think.

     But inexorably, as the hounds bring down the doe, they would nuzzle in every crook and cranny. Their cries like the barking of blood crazed animals.

Nov. 26th, 2014


Day 57, Sound Off!

Another 1,825 words today.

I'm attacking this gap between the Epilogue and where I'm up to, but as I close in, it widens.  So close to finishing.


     “That! Wise Woman! Ha! I will feast upon your organs. Devour you as a dinner, feed your entrails to you as I eat them too... No! I have a better idea. Let us give it to the pious as a gift. They know true cruelty. Bring them!”

Nov. 25th, 2014


Day 56, Sound Off!

I've just done my morning thousand and a bit.  'Here', a note I add to say how far I've got, is on page 462, and 'There', which is working back from the end is on page 495.  So that's a little over 30 pages of mess to sort out, reorder and join together to get from 'here' to 'there' and finish.  It is quite a mess though.


    Spark! Again!
    It was cold, the darkness was a heavy blanket, smothering. Within it, Tilda felt a rising panic.
    “I don’t like the dark,” she said.
    “I’m trying my best,” Thalia replied. “Third time...”
    A spark. It took. Fluttered like a moth and then burnt true.
    “Luck of the Jackdaw, eh?”
    “Yes,” said Tilda.
    They stood and as the light held by Thalia, rose, it illuminated the room.
    “Why did it give us light?” Tilda asked, grateful, but full of disquiet.

Nov. 24th, 2014


Day 55, sound off!

I managed 240 words this morning, but they were the outline for the last few chapters.  I think it'll work.  I managed to write actual prose in the afternoon and topped my thousand.  I can not only see light at the end of the tunnel, but I've a fair idea of the distance left.


Nov. 22nd, 2014

trailor pic


Day 53. Sound off!

Formatted a story, did part of the cover, but never got a single new word!


Sound off!

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