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can't sleep books will eat me

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Rules? Where we're going, we don't need rules.

The world's fastest FAQ:

Do I have to start on January 6th?


Do I have to type "the end" at the end of the manucript?


So just writing 67,500 words counts?

Yes. Most novels these days are longer than that, anyway, so if you're starting from square one, you might not finish on time. That's okay. You'll be so close to done by then that if you don't finish afterwards, we will mock you.

Will there be another round after this one?


What do I have to do to participate?

Write an average of at least 750 words a day for 90 days on the same project.

Do I have to start a new project?


What do I get if I finish?

Not mocked.

Who will track my progress?

You will. There will be a daily post to comment on and crow. There will be a weekly post to out yourself on if you failed.

If I don't make wordcount, who will make sure I report it?

Only your own dark knowledge of inner cowardice. But if we notice you not turning up for roll-call, we will probably mock you behind your back.

What do you get out of this?

I lose a month's vacation. I'm just here to make atheilen do her homework.

What's the purpose of this?

Making atheilen do her homework. Or, you know, teaching people that writing books is mostly about getting their butt in the chair.

Are there any other rules?


Can I work on a revision or a short story collection or a bunch of different projects?

That's between you and your God. Why on earth would I have control issues about what you're writing? On the other hand, if you work on seventy different projects, you will be defeating the purpose of, you know, having most of a novel done three months from now, so I sort of think you're wasting your time and continuing bad habits.

And we might mock you.

Can I work on other things while I work on this?

Dude, why should I care? I have a novella due April 1st. You can bet I will be working on two things in tandem.

What's this about, then?


Bitch. Who died and elected you God?

What makes you think I'm in charge of anything?




I LOVE this FAQ -- and it couldn't come at a better time for me. Thanks!

Off to the Races!
I LOVE that icon. That is great!
Well, hey, if you're going to be LOGICAL about it...
Q. If you are God, can I take it you are the ruthless kind who doesn't do forgiveness?

A. Damn straight.
Clean up your own messes. *g*
(jo pulls out a calculator)
that's working on weekends too.

Hmmm ....

(thinking aloud here)

I'm deep into revising the ms
but this revising draft calls for a fair amount of new material.
If I kept track of the new stuff ...
I could come up with a word count for new material that gets inserted into scenes amid the old ...


*g* I think you should hang out and help mock until you're writing new prose again, and then start keeping track. *g*

More Questions

My novel is larger than 67500. Can I still join? And is this community disappear after January?

Re: More Questions

Your question appears to be answered in the not-FAQ. *g*
ROTFL! Love it!
I'm working on the first draft of my novel and I think that (having done mini_nano in november) this kind of daily tally and weekly confessional is just what I need. So, I'd like to join if a fledgling barely published writer is welcome that is.

I'd like to aim low at 1,100 words a day and see if I can double that somedays. Have to say it's damn tough doing an MA in Creative Writing while still bashing out the rough/first draft which feels like such a work of exploration.

*sigh* In my perfect dream world I'd also like to be astolat write amazing novels and still have the time and inspiration to rip-off the odd piece of astounding fanfic.
Come on in. You don't need permission. And all we ask is three pages a day. *g*
And all we ask is three pages a day. *g*

Standard manuscript format.

A bit old for a newbie, but still...

Oh, I need this!

Basically because most of my LJ is waffle, most of it about not writing (discipline not being my strong point).

I’m a sad case, I like to have writing buddies. I find my own sometimes, but they have lives, too, and it's not fair to expect them to keep me going.

So I'm in, if you'll have me *g*

I was going to say 'Starting from Monday', but in is in, right? So - starting from tomorrow, Thursday 3rd May.

And thanks to llygoden who all unwitting led me here :)

Re: A bit old for a newbie, but still...

In is in. Go team you!
I'm in. Guess I'd better introduce myself in a post...
Well, I am getting no where with my novel. I dare not call it writer's block because I don't believe in that sort of thing. I do, however, believe in laziness.

That being said, I am joining in the fray. Perhaps I need a good mocking. Or maybe a swift kick in the butt. Great idea, though. Glad I was referred here by one of your many watchers.
That is a very interesting project.
I won't join at the present time but will as soon as I have finished the current saga I am working on (it could take 750 words per day but NOT another 67,500 words on top of its current 45,218) and I have figured out a project I am sure I can adequately spend that much words on (difficult that one, since I mostly write short stories, the 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo is already a stretch).
Thanks for putting this thing together.
Lmao oh my god you are freakin' hilarious. Love it.
Lmfao oh my god I love this post. *dies laughing* You guys have the most kick ass sense of humor ever.
I've gotta be blind or something. How do you create a post in this comm? I don't see a button for it. Newbie nerd,

Join the comm and then look up at the top of the page?

hi i was wondering if i can ask you a question

i love and like the faq but i was wondering if ther is a post format that will be in this community with a subject line or do i just write it like a regular books that i have read or do i use a post format with a subject line if you have one or do i just write my novel and the post the novel on here with no subject line or post format because i'm kind of confused if you can tell me that would be great and very helpful please since i just joine two days ago and i was just wondering what should i put before i write it and if you can tell me please because it would be very helpful if you can please if you ge this comment and read it can you answer my question so that i can know please!

Re: hi i was wondering if i can ask you a question

We don't post fiction here, or critique it. This community is for logging wordcount and discussing writing only.