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Day Two Wordcount

Sorry for the late entry! I've been out all day.

Sound off!!!


I wrote about 1k words for a project that is basically finished. From here on out I'll be working on newer projects.
1,012 words for me :). I meant to start yesterday, but should have the words made up by the end of the week anyway.
Wrote 1,300+ words and finished a novella from last year. No work on the novel. That will change.
997 words for a total of 1822. So far, good. Only 88 more days to go!
For me, 997 on Project 1.

No work on Project 2.
1024 on new short story project (I won't be noveling until later this month, but I'm keeping track for strict accountability).
Interrupted by an urgent household conversation, but 848 words anyway!
1118 today, and none yesterday. I think I can get out of the hole fairly quickly, though.
844 words today. Daniel might have found a friend, but is anyone on his side?
Eek! I have been so out of the loop, I forgot the new round started yesterday! I probably will not get anything written until tomorrow... Mock away, my friends, mock away.
1572 on an unrelated short story.
Today I'm really gettig to it, if not...... ungh.
0 due to sickness. :-(
570 only, so am borrowing from the excess of Day 1! 2 day total of 1887!
270 words of crap

February 2017

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