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Day 8 Wordcount

How did we do today?


773 words tonight, and one slightly exasperated middle aged ceremonial magician.
806 and an unexpected character who keeps cropping up and will need to be dealt with at some point. The question is: will she turn out to be friend or foe?
Why, both.
Of course. For now, friend. :D
I'm a sad little 0, but will make up for it tomorrow.
You better!
I did! this "today" is 778, and I'll get my next today in later :)

Thanks for this, it gave me a nice boost :)
1892 words on Project one. Actually, probably a few more than that, but that was the last count and I already closed the file.

Finishing project one tomorrow, durnit!
Awesome word count!
1088 words for me. I'm about halfway through a tense scene at an airport, where my main character finds out/will find out some things she won't like at all.
759 words nearly derailed by a big old drama with my current gig over what kind of evening dresses to wear *sigh*
1495. *sigh* That was yesterday. Today's last day of sick leave, so I expect w-counts closer to 100 in the foreseeable future.
I know it's hard and how tired you must get, but I really hope this isn't how it works out, and that the 750 happens. Good luck, keep posting--even 100 is great :)
One word at a time, just keep putting them one after the other,
1036 new words. The key stone is removed and the rumble of the oncoming landslide is beginning to be heard.
0. I was being entertained by The World's Cutest Two-year-old.
270 words of crap

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