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Day 10 wordcount

You fail only if you stop writing.  -- Ray Bradbury

Don't stop!!!


I managed half a chapter rewriting.
389. It's still better than I expected.
Still progress.
1003 new words today. Light begins to shine in one character's direction and she really does not like what is revealed.

I'm making steady progress with this one, feeling comfortable, knowing where I'm going, beginning to see what will have to change come revision time. I've also got the next one well laid out (a sequel to 'Monkey See' [presently available for a modest amount as an ebook from Wild Wolf via Amazon, commercial over] So what happens today, during a quiet moment at work? I'm singing 'Werewolves of London' in my head - you wouldn't want to hear me singing anything out loud - when there I am, scribbling pages of notes about a fully formed novel. I even have the last image (that's important in my way of working - I need a beginning and I need an end, how I get from one to the other is the adventure) Just at the moment it feels like a killer, something I can write that will allow me to be me and yet provide a storyline that will appeal.

The muse, she is a perverse mistress.
That's cool. I don't always have the end fully formulated. I usually have to explore my characters first to discover who they are and what they want before I can figure out what their goals are.

I think my muse is part wild cat. It often toys with me most unkindly.
Oh, she is, she really is :). I envy you knowing so much, I'm pretty much writing blind, but don't seem to have much luck with the other.
862. Much better than yesterday. Although no close calls today. Expecting the review copy of the new book any day. Much proofing to be done, but I am excited about the upcoming release.
Congratulations, that's a very good world count, and kudos about all the rest, too, awesome! :)
Thx! I'm pretty excited. I have appearances scheduled throughout the first half of the year based on the book that was published last year and this new one. I'm also hoping to get some school visits from the new book, since it is aimed at Middle Grade readers.
354 words on project two, which is pretty good, considering I've got the flu.

Kudos for not calling in sick.
755 happy little words today, so that's good :).
Yay for happy, as long as it doesn't last for the protagonist.
93 extremely mockable words. I will catch up over the weekend, I promise.
I just can't bring myself to mock anything higher than zero.
Only managed about 500 words today. I'll try to make up the rest this weekend.
887. No one's dead yet.
785 words for a total of 7936.

And now, I am going to bed.
270 words of crap

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