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ladysmith in novel_in_90

Day 17 Wordcount

And a gracious good morning to you all!

(No, I have no idea why I'm so chipper. Must be lack of sleep).

Have you been pounding the keyboards today?

Sound off!


364. *le sigh*
Okay, be ye mocked. But at least you got something and we get to look at a Cap'n Mal thumbnail.
Cap'n Mal is teh best. ;p
1063 words. Felt like pulling teeth, and I may have to rewrite this scene, but I wrote them.
You can only rewrite when first having written. Sometimes it is necessary to fix the action, the idea, before you can properly express it. Anyone can write but only writers know the value of rewriting.
1421 new words added to The Hack.
Your w-counts make me jealous. ;)
But it's a good jealousy. If there is such a thing... o_O
Third day of no words. But tomorrow I can stay up a little late, and Tuesday is the workshop that has been eating my brain, so hopefully this will not happen again?
Keep my fingers crossed. :)
1596 words on something that had nothing to do with anything. Project Three remains unstarted.
A warm-up then? W-count is lovely. :)
758 and my butt hurts. It's a little hard to do my BIC time after a ten-hour workday. :-P Okay. Whine over. Thanks for listening. At least I managed to hit goal today.
Goal is hit, indeed. :)
You may feel satisfied, but whining is okay too. *hugs*
Thanks. I's the support I get here that keeps me coming back. :D