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ashnistrike in novel_in_90

Day 21 Word Count

Four score and seven words is rather fewer than you should have produced today.  Sound off!


And I have 1021 new words on the right project.
Good job! :)
592 words. I'm working my way back into the swing of things after a LONG weekend.
4089 new words added to The Hack today - well, I had a day off work and had to do something. That makes 15318 for this week and 29481 for this year. I'll fall off soon, I know, but right now I'm having fun.
That's awesome! go you :)
6752 words for the week, added to the previous 6029 for a total of 12781. I'm afraid I'm still catching up from the Week of Life-Changing Decisions But No Wordcount :P but making progress! Another couple of weeks like this and I'll be right where I should be :)
28 measely words, but progress on the riddle poem I need to guide a portion of the quest.
None for the day, and none for the week. Bad writer, no biscuit!

In my defense I will mention that I spent a four day weekend in the company of a large housepart, including three children, all under the age of four.