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Day 22 wordcount

"I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done." - Steven Wright 

Hopefully, you've gotten more done than that!

Sound off!


Roughly 1500 words between two projects.
Congratulations. Two projects, I can understand that.
Yeah, and today I'll be throwing out about 500 of those words. I went to bed hating the scene, and it needs to go.
790. Somehow I've managed to set myself up for a scene at the City Museum of Saint Louis.
One target hit.
940 words yesterday, only 512 today.
Gentle, gentle mockery for today. Tomorrow in another day.
0. I have determined that I can't work a 10-hour day and go to the gym and still write my words. And since I need to exercise in order to live long enough to see the words in print, I shall be taking a zero on either Monday or Tuesday of each week in order to get in a workout. I will aim to hit the mark or above the other six days.
I forewent the gym today, otherwise I should have been hard put to produce anything. Not for me to mock. I'm missing my workouts with our horrible weather.
I think that is an entirely fair trade off.
1088 new words added to The Hack. At this rate I'll have to print it off at the weekend and enter edit mode. In other words, I'll have to start working at it!
I've managed going through another chapter in my rewrite this morning. I'm making progress, but I know I'm getting closer to the section I want to radically change.
Day 22 was yesterday, right? Forever late.... *sigh*
385. Shouldn't even admit to it, lol... Today is waay better. :)
None. Still exhausted from the weekend.
270 words of crap

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