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Day 23 Wordcount

"No, there is literally nothing on the business side that I wouldn't sacrifice in a heartbeat to have an extra couple of hours' writing. Nothing." --  J. K. Rowling 

My sacrifice today? Nothing yet, unless you count figuring out which way the scene I wrote yesterday was actually supposed to go.

What was yours?

Sound off!


NOW I can go to sleep...
Alas, I won't be back on top of this until Monday. The good news is that I managed to write an arrangement of a song that has no sheet music available that sounds pretty decent. The recital binder is complete. I am not desperately worrying about singers showing up when they are supposed to because they were all rehearsal. Now I just have to make it through one more rehearsal and the performance weekend from HELL. It's going to be back to back singing with no time for anything else but commuting and then I am blessedly free to write 1500 words/day until I catch up with my count.
765 for me.
Hey, for anyone who is interested, there is a contest for sci-fi and YA writers on Writer's Digest this month. Here's the site: http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/guide-to-literary-agents/13th-free-dear-lucky-agent-contest-young-adult-and-sci-fi
54 words, and a lot of editing.
751 and I think I made that scene better. I think. Maybe.
358 words, but the scene is better.
360 new words added to The Hack. Not good. The gloom outside got into my head. Hmmm. Bows head, takes deep breath, prepares for mockery.
270 words of crap

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