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Day 28 wordcount and Week 4 round up!

Here we are, 4 weeks in!

If you've been playing along since the beginning, you now have 20,250 words written. They don't have to be GOOD words. That is what revisions are for, after all, and why this is called a first draft.

So... SOUND OFF!!!


828 words today, which brings me to 26151 words since we started.
That is awesome.
Only 441 words tonight; you may mock me.

I'm not close to where I ought to be on words written since January 1st--18,343. (Actually, I'm surprised to be only 2000 words behind, all things considered. It's vaguely possible I might catch up before the round is out.) On the other hand, the project itself is at 30,351 words. Which is about a third of a book. And the mid-book set piece appears to be happening Right Now, like it or not.
You're still ahead of me for the round. No mock from this peanut gallery.
785 today. I am only at 16,039 for the 4 weeks. However, the WIP is now at a healthy 59,245. Progress.

In other news, the new Middle-Grade proof today (yay), so I need to go through that. Here is a cover shot, in case anyone is interested:
Nelig_Cover_For Online Stuff

Edited at 2013-01-29 04:23 am (UTC)
None today, and none for most of the week, but on two of those days, I got a total of 4881 on That Other Thing. I was sick (whine, snivel) most of the week and am still frail. *back of wrist to forehead*

So far that's a total of 15750. *coughs into lace-edged handkerchief*

Shouldn't 28 x 750 be 21000? Or am I missing something?

Edited at 2013-01-29 05:21 am (UTC)
Just that I can't do math.
I am relieved to know my calculator is still in touch with reality. Because after 10 x 10 I get a little confused myself.
481 new words added to The Hack, arrived home from work, crashed, got up and managed this, then crashed again. 38310 words for the month. This one is nearly done.
5267 new words this week for a total of 18048/21000. Still catching up from that first awful week, a dozen words at a time.

It's about to get a lot harder, though. I've left the part of the plot involving Feats of Derring-Do, and am well into the part involving Strategic Warfare, which I don't really enjoy. I'm seriously considering skipping over this bit and instead writing, "And in years later there were many songs sung about the awesomeness of this victory, which can be summarized thus." But there's some important character development that needs to happen in there, so I will probably stick with it :( alas
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