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ladysmith in novel_in_90

Day 31 wordcount!

Thirty days hath September, April, June and November...

Am I the only one who uses this to remember which months have 30 days and which have 31?

What words have you produced today?

Sound off!


1122 words today.
Not as good as your count, but I made goal, so that's a big plus. :)

BTW--That's the only way I can remember the number of days in the months, as well. LOL And even though I don't need to, I hear "i before e, except after c, etc., etc." when I spell certain words. Mnemonics are my friends.
I use the same one. You mean there are native English speakers who don't?

Only 553 tonight, but it's the best I've done in five days.

I before E, except after c... unless you're talking about a weird foreign neighbor named Sheila...
126 words added to The Hack, which means Draft 1 is done at 76400 words (started out 18th November last) That's 40564 new words for the month of January, which averages at 1300 words a day. The rest of yesterday's writing time was spent reading without a pen or notebook to hand. That will come over the weekend. And new words to add to Werewolf.
857. Which makes up a little of my hole.