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ladysmith in novel_in_90

Day 37 Wordcount

37 days in. That is a lot of words.

Did you add to them today?

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1368 words over two projects
No mocka for you! Good job.
Home late today, and no words. Mock me. Seriously, I miss the actual mocking.

(You know, if you do that right, you sound like a chicken?)
Are you meta-mocking?
795 and two hours of editing on another project. I am now skipping all over the place on the WIP, thrashing about and writing scenes that will ultimately need to be strung together in some cohesive manner. Sometimes, I need to write the denouement before I can figure out what leads up to it, but this nonlinear writing is always a serious act of faith. Or craziness. :-P Or, more likely, both.
1301. Dead guy is now dead.

There appears to be a denouement looming on the horizon!
988 words added to Werewolves.