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ladysmith in novel_in_90

Day 38 Wordcount.

My words, let me show them to you...

Sound off!


1438 words over two projects.
Almost two targets. Hurrah!
549 words, on what's not the right project, or at least not the official one. But it's a complete drabble, so I'm stopping here.
Official? I think you need to picture Tim Curry as Frankenfurter on his way to deliver chastisement and mockery.
756 and speaking of dreck . . .
I read 'dreck' as 'dredd' and thought he'll be the judge of that. Frankly, I blame my daughter who thinks that Karl Urban is just oooooh.
I'm totally with your daughter on that one.
Ditto. And he's a sweetie when you meet him in person, too.
1406 new words added to Werewolf.
I dunno. About 700. Not on the main project, just some on-the-side short story. :/
1021. Which means I am not in a hole for this week.

The overall total is still mockworthy, however.
If it is more than zero, I'm not mocking.