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ladysmith in novel_in_90

Day 49 Wordcount and weekly check-in.

We are starting Week 8. If you started on January 1, then your wordcount should be 36,750.

How are we all doing?


766 today. No idea what I've added this round, but the WIP is at a healthy 68,606, to date. With a target of 90,000 for this project, I am quite satisfied with my progress.
388 words, and total over all of 36,260 words written, as well as 314 pages proofed and edited (twice).

There would have been more words today, but allergies. Fooey to all these trees having sex in my nose!
Trees having sex sounds like a project...
2084, with a quarter of it on the old project and the rest on the new.

2927 for the week. I won't get into the total for the cycle, as it's too dispiriting.
That's a good day, a good day.
A very few new words today, due to a gym session and an unexpected email from Mr Publisher saying 'read this edit, asap'. So, being dutiful and diligent, that's what I'm doing. 22325 on the current project, 56021 in total since Jan 1. Hope you're enjoying yourselves as much as I am.
4689 new words for the week, for a total of 32870. I seem doomed to remain almost exactly a week behind.