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davidwake in novel_in_90

Day 17 Wordcount

Mox thought that it had been a glorious waste of time because the dead woman’s fingerprints hadn’t been on the database or on any of the car’s controls.

That's part of another 1,086. I may have another bat at the wicket later. Oh, I discovered that my main character had to be drunk and not drunk at the same time.

How about yourselves?


Earnestine looked away: a clock ticked away on the otherwise blank wall, the floor was tiled and there was a mirror at the head of the obscenity.

Part of 500 words on something else enitrely.
2069 words today, and now my brains are mushy.
806. Not bad after staying home from work due to a migraine this morning.
497, and no, I don't have to be drunk and not drunk at the same time, I just like to be.
I moved the 'not drunk' section into the next chapter before I went out for a boozy writers event, so just drunk really, both me and my protagonist.