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Jan. 1st, 2013


Here we go!!! Day one Wordcount!

All right, ladies and gentlemen. The new round starts today!

Who made 750 words?

(Not me, I can tell you. I haven't started yet.)

May. 5th, 2012



Weekly word count--Week 13

This is the last weekly total.

Did you get your 5250?

If you managed to average out at that over the past thirteen weeks, your total would be around 68250.

Feb. 1st, 2012



Next round!

OK, it looks like there's more than one or two of us who are ready to go for a round now, whether to finish something, or get something new off the ground.

So, when do we want to start?

Today, which has the argument we'd be starting on the first of the month, which is all orderly and logical and all that good stuff?

Saturday, February 4, which means we wouldn't be starting in the middle of the week. This date would also give everyone a little time to go over their notes, get off the fence about whether they want to sign up for another round right now if they haven't yet, and all that.

Sunday or Monday, February 5/6-the same argument as Saturday, but starting at the beginning of the week.

Either way, we end up in early May.

Here is the introduction, and
here are the FAQs. (Or not-FAQs, if you prefer.)

Here are some useful exhortations from matociquala.

You will not be charged any fees! No salesman will call! There is no obligation to buy anything! You need not be terminally cool to play! There will be no awkward photographs posted on the internet (unless you put them up there yourself). There will only be an effort to produce 750 words a day, 7 days a week, with the support and sympathy of people doing the same thing you are. Plus maybe some mocking, but only if you don't keep on at it.

Your input on start dates will be appreciated; I figure the sooner the better, before we can talk ourselves out of it, but I understand today might be a little too fast, for those who'd like to do a bit of planning first.

Jan. 31st, 2012



Next round!?

Who's up for another try?

Nov. 25th, 2011


word count - 25th november

2072 today - phew!

Nov. 24th, 2011


word count - 24th November

Another big one - 3016 - trying to push up the numbers before the weekend.

Nov. 23rd, 2011


word count - 23rd November

Big one today, painful to write at times, but 3003 words closer to the end

Nov. 22nd, 2011


word count - 22 November

2563 today, slower than I'd like (maybe because I freed the cleaning elves?)

Nov. 21st, 2011


word count - 21st November

Back with a bang - 2111 today, but due a retro mock for the past two days, lazing in the sunshine (with the cleaning elves) Come on, admit it, didn't you write more without them?

Nov. 17th, 2011


word count - 17th November

2312 today, slow and quite painful words but out there...

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