Day 16

990 tonight. Filling in additional minor characters met in the Grand Ball of the Ifrit in the City of Brass. 

Haven't done much other writing lately. I've had an invitation to interview at another company and that sort of thing just sets of anxiety attacks like mad. It's funny, I've conducted several hundred interviews over my career, but being interviewed is still incredibly stressful for me. 

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Day 13

778.  Wherein a character is set on fire, and is not overall pleased about it, but since it's part of the plan, what can you do?

Day 12

Well, my oncall shift for work really helped sabotage my writing this week. Between 3am pages leaving me too short on sleep and getting paged just as soon as I sat down to write, I didn't get much done until today. So pretty much nothing for the last few days until tonight.

1369 for me today, as the main character learns as a child that things that burn other people just feel very warm to her. You'd think that would be a happy revelation, but there's some religious stuff about Hell and only demons not burning and, well... people aren't very pleased by it. 

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Day 9

776.  A bit more into the plan to set someone on fire as a distraction.  Mild resistance is raised, but no alternate plan is suggested.