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a silly question, if you have the time

Hello - 
Sorry for the x-post, but I have a silly question and I'm very interested in different answers. 

So - do you ever work on two (or more, whatever) novels at once? Or do you stick with one until the end and then move to the next project?

I started a new novel a week or so before this round and so far it's going swimmingly. But this afternoon an idea struck (for a totally different novel) and so I scribbled down some quick notes while the kids played in the pool and then forced myself to ignore it so I could work on my "real" WIP. I can't get the new voice out of my head, though. I don't want to set aside the other novel when it's going so well, and yet I can't resist the new voice. I've never had two projects going on at once (I mean, other than short stories or magazine articles) so this is a bit daunting. I'd like to work on both... but I'm wondering if more experienced novelists think this is biting off more than I should chew? Incidentally, I would keep separate word counts for both, so I'd still try 750 a day on the "main" project... The other could be...a hobby, maybe? *crazy smile*

I'd appreciate any comments... Thank you for your time.


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