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Michael Parkes 3

kara_gnome in novel_in_90

Day 3 Wordcount

Since ya got 'em, flaunt 'em!

If not, well...the dragons are *very* hungry :D


877 words today, 1889 total.
Lo, I mock your puny word-count! (But I'm glad you managed them too.)
Mockery, mockery. Tomorrow and tomorrow. Any is better than none.
1131 cold-medicine-hazed words. Doesn't make up for yesterday, but I'm glad I wrote anything. Plus, I discovered some additional plot points, and motivation for what needs to happen next, which I really needed. Hopefully, that will still make sense when my head is unstuffed and unmedicated. :-P
I got nothing.
790 words for a grand total of 2612. Three down and 87 more days to go!

Headache and blah. Still borrowing from Day 1 excess..... 1887 on Day 3 leaves me short 363. Will catch up tomorrow!
Oops. That anonymous comment was me.
905--I keep spending half an hour staring at the screen and thinking I'll have to get by on my excess, then coming up with a paragraph or so and discovering a few minutes later that I'm over quota. Hope it keeps up.

There were trilobites today. I may just throw in trilobites whenever I'm having trouble thinking of what to do next.
762 words today, and most of them will be replaced tomorrow because I'm exhausted. Don't know why. Probably sickening for something. Oh well, someone will suffer for it, almost certainly Daniel. He's my protagonist, whose world has just been disassembled around him.