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sleary in novel_in_90

Concurrent round! Summer group starting May 15

Hi, all! My RL writing group has been wanting to join in for a while, but almost everyone in it works for the local university, so they asked to wait until after finals rather than starting on April 1 with the rest of you.

We'll just jump in the comments when the time comes, and take over the daily posts when you all reach the end of your round.

And if anyone else wants to join us for the summer, please feel free!


I'd love to join you then! This month just turned out to be too busy between my work and a remodeling project on the house. Things should be well on their way to being more settled by the 15th.
I'd be up for joining then too - I'd intended to for this round, but having recently started a new job, I haven't had the energy. But I'm starting to get settled into the new routine now, so this timeline might work better for me.