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mulch00 in novel_in_90

Day 90, sound off and done!

821. And now for a bit of downtime and revising. If anyone is interested in doing another round sometime in early 2017, I'll probably be ready by then.


Congrats on finishing the round! I was off on a 6-day trip to sell books in San Antonio at Alamo City ComiCon, so wrote nothing again this week.

I might be ready for another round in early 2017. At least, I am willing to make the effort.

Finished moving. Still going through Boxes. It will be a torrent of activity here until the end of February. If you start something sooner I may jump in midstream. If you start near the last week of Feb or in March I ought to be ready by then.

Otherwise: HAPPY PHREAKIN' NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations! Moving is usually not so much fun. But a necessary evil.

I have been particularly unmotivated of late; so yes, sometime in Feb sounds like a likely go time.

Happy New Year to all!