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mulch00 in novel_in_90

New round, March 1 -- May 29

I think I mathed that right; but regardless, last day would be near the end of Mayish.

Still pondering what my new project should be, but should have it in a working conceptual phase by the end of the month.

You are interested, you will reply, and you will write, right? How hard is 750 words a day? And it's just for 90 days. You can do it! You *will* do it!


Colour me "on board!"

Between now and then I must: 1. mount a fireplace in my work space, 2. complete a home Ethernet LAN, and 3. select a project from my stack.

All very doable. More likely if I list them in my current goals in a public place.

I have a project and want to play.

Stephanie Leary's friend joining up

Hey there,
I'm Stephanie Leary's friend and I'd like to join y'all! :) Thanks,