• mulch00

Day 2, sound off!


Whereupon a plan is hatched to ignite one of the characters as a diversion.  

(Hmp.  I wish there was a way to have it default to here instead of my personal page...attempt 2 to get this in the right spot.)

Day 90, sound off!

1456 here. Wanted to put in a big effort for day 90. 

I've had to throw out my original solution for the big magical crisis, so now I'm leaning towards one that uses weaponized lullabies. 

Day 89, sound off!

776. Almost nothing yesterday. 

Sadly, I'm not sure that I'll get a chance to write tomorrow. Sunday is my 1st wedding anniversary and we're leaving for a weekend trip tomorrow morning.

This has been an absolute blast and I hope to join you all on the next 90-day journey!