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novel_in_90's Journal

Novel in 90
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90 days. 67,500 words. No excuses.

A novel in 90.

The purpose of this community is to help the members complete a novel-length manuscript in a reasonable time, under real-life conditions. It doesn't matter if you work on a project you've already started. It doesn't matter if you start something new.

The goal is, every day for 90 days, you write three manuscript pages of your work in progress. 750 words. A reasonable rate of progress for a professional writer.

During that time, you may work on other projects. You may have other deadlines. You should, in fact, continue doing whatever other real-world and creative work you have committed to.

The idea is to get a taste of what working to a deadline is like, and discover how fast steady work does, in fact, add up.

We'll do a daily roundup post, in which people can list their progess for the day. If you don't have any progress, well, we expect you to fess up to that, too. These posts are tagged sound off!, and you can find them here:

Because I am not your mother, you are expected to report for mocking at the end of the week if you haven't met your goals.

The NOT-A-FAQ: http://community.livejournal.com/novel_in_90/20374.html